Al Palmer (b. 1984, Gateshead, UK) is a photographer, zine maker and book designer working in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Most of his work deals with world building, lost messages, and the man-made landscape. He primarily works in the zine format under the umbrella of [black•snow], however has also heavily exhibited prints in galleries worldwide. In 2013 he founded Brown Owl Press, a small press publishing house focusing on photobooks and zines. He owns too many records and drinks too much coffee.

Contrary To, Lot Projects, London, UK, 2023
Encontros da Imagem, Arquivo Janes, Braga, Portugal, 2022
Full House, Localhost.Gallery, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, 2020
Alarum, Soft Power Platform, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, 2019
Environment Documenta, Millepiani Gallery, Milan, Italy, 2019
Wintertide, Hartlepool Art Gallery, Hartlepool, UK, 2018
Flash Forward, Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, Canada, 2017
Ain't Bad, SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, Georgia, USA, 2016
Lungs, Independent, Sunderland, UK, 2016
HOME, Old Market, Brighton, UK, 2016
Beauty Where You Find It, LightBox Gallery, Astoria, Oregon, USA, 2015
Of The Afternoon, Doomed Gallery, London, UK, 2015
Never Fuck Up, various locations, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2015
The Heart Grows Fonder, 68MS, Brighton, UK, 2014
Encontros da Imagem, Arquivo Janes, Braga, Portugal, 2014
Thesaurus, Dossier Outpost Gallery, New York, USA, 2014
Photoaxis, Polson, Montana, USA, 2014
Unfolding Images, Contemporary Arts Centre, New Orleans, USA. 2013
Lyrical Artwork, White Cloth Gallery, Leeds, UK, 2013
Hearst 8x10, Alexey Brodovitch Gallery, Hearst Tower, New York, USA, 2013
Film Por Vida, Peanut Gallery, Chicago, USA, 2013
From the Edge, Visual Aids, New York, USA, 2013
ACAVA, Gatehouse Arts, Harlow, UK, 2012
Slide Project(or), The Bernard Shaw, PhotoIreland Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2012
Unfiltered, Filter Photo Festival, Chicago, USA, 2012
Sunderland Art Prize, Departure Gallery, Sunderland, UK, 2012
The Space Between, The Cluny Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, 2012
The Photocopy Club, Beach, London, UK, 2012
Mull It Over, Artist Residence Gallery, Brighton, UK, 2012
Earth:Now:Being, Church Farm Ardeley, Stevenage/Hackney City Farm, London, UK, 2011
Utopian Arts Fest, Parlour Gallery, London, UK, 2011
Open All Hours, The Hive, Manchester, UK, 2010
Daylight/CDS Shorts, Golden Belt, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 2010
Something Beautiful, Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2010
Short Spring (Light Night), EggSpace, Liverpool, UK, 2010
100sqft, Boleyn's, London, UK, 2009
Crepuscule, Ye Cracke, Liverpool, UK, 2009
Everyday Photography & Video, Temporary Arts Space, Halifax, UK, 2009
Dirty Mother, Nexus Arts, Manchester, UK, 2008
Blank Expression, Zion Arts Centre, Hulme, UK, 2007

Arkive Yellow, Brown Owl Press, 2024
LXXX AXX RXXXXXX, [black snow], 2023
System of Edges, [black snow], 2022
Framework Vol II, Brown Owl Press, 2022
Blazetha, [black snow], 2022
Explosion Season, [black snow], 2022
Blind, Brown Owl Press, 2021
Crawling the Walls, [black snow], 2020
Framework Vol I, Brown Owl Press, 2019
No Fun, Match Books, 2018
Fr/Kr, Brown Owl Press, 2016
Flood of Sunshine, Brown Owl Press, 2013

Goldenrod II, A Walk in the Woods
Average Art, #30, The Edge of Industry
Lungs Magazine, #1, I Believe (In None of This)
Fraction Magazine, #81, Soliloquy
SoSo, #2, Gutter, The Coastal Project
Ain't Bad, Vol. 3 #1, I Believe (In None of This)
Fraction Magazine, #62, Soliloquy
Lenscratch, Backyard
Park, Issue #4, The Edge of Industry
Field Trip Magazine #1, Soliloquy
Something Beautiful, Isn't Anywhere
Fatzine, Issue #3, Isn't Anywhere
Things Magazine, Isn't Anywhere
20x20, Issue #1, Anonymous Spaces

Fellowships, Grants, Awards and Prizes
Magenta Foundation: Flash Forward, Winner, 2017
Hearst 8x10, Winner, 2013
Sunderland Art Prize, Finalist, 2012

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, USA
Gatehouse Archive, UK
E. Gore Collection, Maryland, USA
Private collections, UK

Artist Talks and Lectures
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, UK
Lens Think Yorkshire, York, UK
Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, UK
White Cloth Gallery, Leeds, UK

The Space Between, The Cluny Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2012

Infinite Prototype (video) by Dan Prototype (2016)
Biblioscapes by Euan Ross (2021)
Nope Fun by Lee Chang Ming (2020) by Andrew D. McClees (2020)
Loupe Magazine by Harry Flook (2018)
Lungs (video) by Angela Wingate (2016)
Fototazo by Tom Griggs (2016)
Art Book Guy by Michael J Corbin (2013)